Pregnancy Pilates


Pregnancy Pilates

Focus on maintaining optimal posture and strength throughout your pregnancy, which will benefit both you and your baby for birth and beyond.

Classes are led a Physical Therapist and Mum of 2, in a safe and relaxed environment.

We incorporate Transverse Abdominal strengthening, gentle stretches, breathing techniques and relaxation all suitable for mums to be!

Suitable for all ladies in good health in the second trimester and third trimesters.

Here we focus on core mobility, gentle stretching, posture and breathing, in a safe supportive environment.

Please bring along a 65cm gym ball.


Benefits of Pilates in Pregnancy

Keeping fit in pregnancy is really important for Mum, and there’s now a body of growing research saying that baby also hugely benefits whilst mum is exercising.

It's important to modify your exercise regime as your pregnancy progresses. Incorporating modified Pilates in pregnancy is an excellent way to to that!


1. It can help prevent lower back pain.

In pregnancy the hormone relaxin is released.  It’s job is to soften the ligaments in preparation for growing your baby and birth, but it can also make your joints a little less stable which can lead to back and pelvic pain in pregnancy.

Practicing Pilates in pregnancy focuses on strengthening muscles of the lower back and pelvis which in turn leads to a lesser likelihood of experiencing pregnancy related back or pelvic pain.


2.  Focus on pelvic floor muscles.

Your pelvic floor muscles are a series of muscles at the base of your pelvis. It works in tandem with your diaphragm (your main breathing muscle) your abdominal and back muscles.

In pregnancy, because baby is increasingly taking up room, there’s more pressure on your diaphragm which may affect pelvic floor function.  In class, awareness is brought to your pelvic floor muscles and how to access them through breath work.


3. Helps to strengthen legs

Fluid retention in the legs is very common in pregnancy.  Working the muscles of the legs acts like a pump which may lessen fluid retention.  Pilates is a really effective, low impact way of strengthening leg muscles.


4. Brings awareness to your posture.

In pregnancy , your centre of mass changes which has an affect on your posture and balance.  To accommodate your changing body shape, the shoulders tend to round more forwards, which can add strain to the shoulders, shoulder blades and neck.

With pregnancy Pilates, we mobilise the middle back, and teach you how to stretch and strengthen through your shoulders to help minimise aches and discomfort.


5. Sleeeeeeeep

Its common to have sleep disturbances in pregnancy.

Many women that have attended the classes say that they sleep really soundly afterwards!

What’s not to love about that!


Things To Know...

  • Booking is essential..
  • Each course runs for 6 weeks
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring some water with you to
    keep your hydration levels up.
  • Please bring your own mat to class. All other equipment will be provided,
    with the exception of Pregnancy Pilates where you’ll need to bring along
    a 65cm gym ball for some of the exercises.
  • Classes are paid for in advance and are non refundable once the term
    starts. This is to ensure progression throughout the term is maintained.
    However, if you do miss a class you are welcome to make it up in
    another venue space permitting.


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