Benefits Of Pilates

Benefits Of Pilates

With Pilates  your entire focus is on the movement, the breathing, the BURN 

It’s gentle, but in a challenging way and NOTHING that I’ve come across builds more core mobility and core strength than Pilates.

It’s an excellent method to use by itself, it brings a whole new awareness of posture, it helps to address muscle imbalances and promotes joint strength and mobility.

The feeling you get afterwards amazing. You feel stretched, limber and focused for the day ahead.

It’s also particularly beneficial to those who already train. Be that circuits, running, cycling, football, it makes any sport you love even better.   It enhances co ordination and power.  Breathing mechanics are improved which translates to more efficiency.

Practicing Pilates is a “practice”.  For those that are new to Pilates, there may seem to be ALOT going on.  It takes TIME to get used to all of the instructions!

As you get more into it, there’s new challenges with the exercises, more challenging modifications, it NEVER gets boring!

Its adaptable for every walk of life, which is why I modify exercises based on the Pilates method in clinic for people with back complaints.

Pilates aims to “Strengthen the weak, whilst challenging the strong”

To find out more about how Pilates can benefit YOU contact Áine.

Áine is a CORU registered Physical Therapist with a busy clinic located in Cavan Leisure Complex.  Pilates classes are held in Cavan Baptist Church.


Contact Áine on 087 6484203