C Section Recovery

C Section Recovery

Scars arising from C Sections can cause a pulling of the muscles and tissues underneath.

This can down-regulate how your core muscles work, which can lead to compensations,niggles aches and pains.

Getting the tissue underneath the scar to glide, can really help with any pulling sensations that are felt.

Treatment can also improve the appearance of the scar & reduce possible puffiness that may be present.

It doesn’t matter if your scar has recently healed, or is there for many years. Quite often we’re not aware of the effect scar tissue can have on the body until issues arise.

Treatment doesn’t have to be directly on the scar itself – we can very successfully treat the tissues in a way that feels SAFE to you.

Your session includes:
  • Assessment of your core muscles, to see how they like to stabilize.
  • Diastasis Recti check and practical tips to help with any issues.
  • Gentle, safe techniques local to the scar and the surrounding tissues.
  • Home care plan to include self massage techniques and exercises to help with core stability.
It is recommended to have minimum of 3 sessions to get the most benefit.
If you have any questions on the treatment, please do contact me

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