Men's Pilates Classes

Pilates For Men

More and more men are finding the benefits of Pilates.  Not only can it help with aches & niggles, it can compliment your existing training.

Whether you’re a triathlete, cyclist, runner or you weight train, Pilates can be of huge benefit.  It promotes flexibility and mobility within the joints  as well as increasing core strength & mobility.

In Pilates for Men we focus on core mobility, joint mobility and strength.

There are so many benefits for men taking part in Pilates and is a fantastic compliment for those who are already training, for those who are looking to manage back pain or for injury prevention.

This class is designed with men in mind.


Things To Know...

  • Booking is essential..
  • Each course runs for 6 weeks
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring some water with you to
    keep your hydration levels up.
  • Please bring your own mat to class. All other equipment will be provided,
    with the exception of Pregnancy Pilates where you’ll need to bring along
    a 65cm gym ball for some of the exercises.
  • Classes are paid for in advance and are non refundable once the term
    starts. This is to ensure progression throughout the term is maintained.
    However, if you do miss a class you are welcome to make it up in
    another venue space permitting.


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