Our Approach

Treatment are tailored to you for a wide variety of musculoskeletal symptoms and injury. 

In clinic, there’s is a whole body approach to the assessment and treatment of your injury and pain.

Once you book your initial consultation and treatment, where possible, a Health History form is emailed to you.

Take time to read through & try and recall as much as you can.  Often times, the key to unlocking your current presenting symptoms lies in your history.

1. We Listen

During your first visit, we go through your Health History .  Each person has a different set of circumstances and life events that have led them to their presenting symptoms.  We take time to listen to your story.

2. We Observe

We have a look at how you like to move, walk and balance.   Observing how the whole body moves, helping us to identify the root cause of your pain.


3. We Treat

A treatment plan is discussed with you, to meet your needs.  We use hands-on treatment, using a variety of modalities.

Time is spent helping you to understand how the condition  evolved/occurred and we discuss with you how you can help reduce pain and restore maximum function.

Treatment focus is to reduce discomfort.  A combination of hands-on techniques, as well as movement based techniques are used to encourage your whole body to move at a more optimal level.



4. Home Care

As part of your recovery, a specific home care plan will be devised for you. These exercises will be emailed directly to you after the session.

We take time to fully assess you condition.  Because of this, please allow 45-60 minutes for appointments.

What to expect…

  • Full Health History  – Once you arrive for your appointment, a health history form will be available for you.   Try and take your time filling this out, even seemingly minor details can be big clues as to how your current condition evolved.
  • Palpation of the tissues involved–  Using hands on techniques we check the tone of the  tissues, taking into consideration the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.
  • Movement evaluation and muscle testing – Here we take a look at how your body likes to move and stabilize.  We check through your joints range of motion and carry out light muscle testing.   Taking a look at how your whole body moves, not just the part that hurts!
  • Hands on treatment – using a number of modalities we begin to work on the areas that need attention.
  • Movement and education – to help solidify new movement patterns in your nervous system , we go through what you need to do at home.  Not only does this help your body re-pattern new movements, it enables you to take ownership and responsibility. Homework is based on the Pilates method and modified appropriately.
  • Homework will be videoed and emailed to you for your records.


How long?

  • For your first visit allow up to 60 minutes.  Each subsequent visit will be between 45-50 minutes.
  • We usually see a great improvement in symptoms within 4-5 sessions.  Sometimes it’s much less.
  • It depends on a number of factors like following the prescribed homework, stress levels, and, crucially how long the pain has been with you.  If you have been having ongoing issues for a number of years, it may take more time to resolve.
  • Each individual has their own healing rates & some may be faster than others.  Our joint goal here is to get you well in as few sessions as possible.   This will be discussed with you on your initial appointment.
  • Sessions are initially recommended weekly or fortnightly.
  • Most clients choose to return every 4-6 weeks for a maintenance check. They can mostly notice a slight shift or awareness of “change” again in the body.  Much like servicing a car, our own bodies thank us for a movement check!
  • Treatments are covered by all major health insurance companies in Ireland. Please check your policy entitlement before claiming.


Please Note

For your appointment please wear loose comfortable clothing. Changing facilities are provided if you need to use them.

Please do not wear jeans, skirts or restrictive clothing.